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  • Wednesday 19th of June 2019 - The Wealth of Email Backup Options Today. Email backup is an important chore for businesses of all sizes to undertake on a regular basis. It is usually possible to automate the task in such a way as to require no further thought beyond the initial setting up. Unfortunately, many administrators do not avail themselves of such a golden opportunity, leaving their businesses vulnerable to power failures, hard drive failures, and other apparent "acts of God." - Read more »»
  • August 2011 - Secure email involves electronic privacy, guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. However, after a hundred and eighty days e-mail messages lose their status as protected communications and become just another database record, meaning that a subpoena instead of a warrant is all that's needed for service providers to reveal them. - Read more »»
  • July 2011 - An Microsoft Exchange Alternative for Your Business. There is many a Microsoft Exchange alternative on the market today, practically all of them inexpensive in comparison, that's been giving the Boys at Redmond a real run for their money these days. Get sync email with - Read more »»
  • June 2011 - If you care about secure email, you need to read this article. Did you know that corporate e-mail accounts are not considered priviledged and confidential, even if the company's own policy explicitly states that it is? - Read more »»
  • May 2011 - Affordable email solution for small and medium businesses. Dataglide is an affordable email solution. It works with any computer and any portable device such as a laptop or smartPhone. This Mobile email host provides flawless Email Security. It provides seamless calendar, email, contacts and task integration. It offers push technology and email archiving Dataglide exceeds the needs of any business. It helps businesses to work more efficiently. - Read more »»
  • April 2011 - Outsourcing email and messaging services will saves your company money. Has your company become the victim of a tech bubble? Are you losing increasing amounts of space to mail servers and their backups? Has the cost of maintaining current software and its licenses inflated beyond the cost benefit? Have the number of staff devoted to IT exploded? - Read more »»

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Dataglide News and Feature Updates

Dataglide supports Microsoft Outlook 2011 for MacOutlook 2011 for Mac Support

Dataglide Connect now provides full native support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac. Macintosh users can now confidently upgrade to Office 2011 for Mac and successfully use Outlook 2011.

  • Fully native support - no client connector required
  • Uses the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol
  • Syncs all items including mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes

Dataglide introduces calendar scheduling enhancementsCalendar Scheduling Enhancements

Exceptions from Recurrent Events

Users can create all kinds of exceptions (change time and attachments, location, notes, add attendees, etc.) from recurrent events between all supported clients.

Improved Scheduling Meetings on iCal and iPhone (CalDAV)

    Improved Scheduling Meetings on iCal and iPhone (CalDAV)
  • Support for Implicit Scheduling in CalDAV - a more reliable method for scheduling calendar events.
  • Utilizes the server instead of the client to send outgoing and receive incoming scheduling messages.

Calendar Auto-accept

  • A tentative event is created in a users calendar automatically for all incoming invitations - even when a user is not online.
  • Others can see updated free-busy information and can consider scheduling an event pending any tentative reservations.

HTML Domain Footers

Administrators can create a footer with a company logo that is appended to all outgoing email messages.

Dataglide provides increased mobile device supportIncreased mobile device support

  • Added support for Windows Phone 7, Android 2.2, iOS 4.2 and 4.3, Sony Ericcson Xperia X10, DROID 2 and DROID X by Motorola.
  • Support for new ActiveSync clients - Moxier Mail for Android and Motoblur by Motorola.