Dataglide is an affordable email solution

Providing flawless Email Security, smartphone integration and archiving

Archive email instantly with Dataglide Dataglide is an affordable email solution. It works with any computer and any portable device such as a laptop or smartPhone. This Mobile email host provides flawless Email Security. It provides seamless calendar, email, contacts and task integration. It offers push technology and email archiving Dataglide exceeds the needs of any business. It helps businesses to work more efficiently.

Pro and Basic editions are available. Dataglide PRO uses Kerio Connect for enhanced Kerio Email services. Blackberry synchronisation is supported with AstraSync or NotifySync for Kerio Connect Dataglide runs on any platform, including Mac, Linux, and Windows. Dataglide supports CardDav which is a protocol standard for exchange of contact information in Mac Snow Leopard address Book. When switching from regular POP email, Dataglide PRO makes email, tasks and calendar become much simpler to manage.

Providing flawless Email Security, Dataglide does not put up with viruses, malware or spam coming in through email. Data security is very important. With Hosted Mobile email from Dataglide Email Security is a main concern. Dataglide provides a minimum of 2 GB of storage for email and the server is not halted in order to do a backup. Dataglide supports Email across multiple platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, ICal and the latest Mobile email devices including Windows Mobile, iPhone email iPad email Android email Blackberry and more.

All of the solutions required are offered in a highly developed Messaging and Collaboration platform. Dataglide's basic plan starts at only 3 dollars per month for each email box. This works with iPhone email plus Android email and iPad email. The basic plan includes world class technical support. The Technical Support team is made up of friendly, experienced professionals with full knowledge of all features of Basic and PRO plans. The email server is a Virtualised email server. For security, Dataglide uses Remote wipe. Dataglide can erase the data of a lost or stolen phone remotely using the Remote wipe feature.

Real-time Blackberry synchronisation and other Wireless mobile synchronisation is included. Contacts can be stored on the server but accessed and edited on computers and mobile devices. When contacts are updated in one place, they are updated everywhere. When needing to make an appointment from anywhere, just log into the hosted Dataglide account from any mobile device and check the calendar, make an appointment , check co-workers' schedules and invite them to a meeting. When adding an appointment to one device it is added to all devices. Everything can be set up all at once.

The Global Address List lookup gives people the capability of accessing the complete Global Address List without having to deal with corporate addresses in personal address books.

Dataglide supports Email across multiple platforms. It supports Messaging and Collaboration plus Wireless mobile synchronisation and CardDav synchronization for Snow Leopard address Book. The PRO version is hosted by Kerio Email by Kerio Technologies. Dataglide PRO is a Virtualised email server that does not need a middle server installed to maintain it. It is a less expensive alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Dataglide is an affordable email solution.


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Dataglide Advantages

Everyone works from everywhere! To be competitive, you have to be able to log on, interact, collaborate and find information quickly and securely.

Dataglide PRO plans enable you to share email, calendars, contacts and schedule meetings on any platform - Windows, Mac, Linux and SmartPhones - exactly what you need to make your business flexible and secure.

Centralize your data in one easy-to-access location via Dataglide.

Schedule a meeting using Dataglide? Easy!

Collaborate with remote offices with Dataglide? Snap!

Access your contacts from anywhere with Dataglide? Fast!

Switch to Dataglide from Exchange