Out-sourcing Email And Messaging Services

Save Money Out-sourcing your Email And Messaging Services

Out-sourcing Email And Messaging Services Saves Money Has your company become the victim of a tech bubble? Are you losing increasing amounts of space to mail servers and their backups? Has the cost of maintaining current software and its licenses inflated beyond the cost benefit? Have the number of staff devoted to IT exploded? Email and messaging alone is responsible for much IT expansion and with more mobile devices it's going to become even more important. So how much is email going to cost you in the future? How much bigger is your IT department going to get? Moving email to a hosted service can deflate your tech bubble.

When your company hosts its own email and messaging, it means a continuing cost in purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. You need servers that each cost thousands of dollars to handle the volume along with increasing numbers of backup servers to handle the archiving. Moving email to a hosted system saves money by eliminating constant equipment purchases.

Hosting your own email also entails covering the software costs. Choosing the right email software takes time away from running your business. Paying the hefty license fees for using it simply adds to the expense. On top of it all is keeping the software updated so that users within the company can smoothly integrate communications. Patches are an ever-present concern for companies that value secure communications.

The physical and software requirements of hosting your email service in-house call for an expanded IT staff devoting increasing amounts of time to replacing equipment or installing updates on servers and workstations. There is also the continued education costs of keeping those staffers certified to work on the software you own.

Moving your email and messaging to a cloud-based model for hosting eliminates all these costs. Out-sourcing your email means someone else absorbs the equipment costs, handles the licensing and is in charge of maintaining a dedicated staff to handle email. Email services can also handle any security issues invisibly without disrupting company communications.

Beyond the financial gains, out-sourcing your email and messaging system means being positioned to take full advantage of the rise in mobile communications. Cloud-based systems can be accessed by smart phones and often integrate seamlessly with smart phone applications. Employees are never out of touch with each other or their clients.

Taking charge of business communications once meant boosting your in-house IT capabilities, but the increasing costs of doing it yourself show that the way forward is through out-sourcing.


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