Dataglide, A Kerio Hosted service better than Microsoft Exchange

An Microsoft Exchange Alternative for Your Business

Secure Email in the 21st Century

There is many a Microsoft Exchange alternative on the market today, practically all of them inexpensive in comparison, that's been giving the Boys at Redmond a real run for their money these days. After all, the company has gotten too comfortable with its dominant position and with increased upgrading costs, businesses large and small (especially small!) are wondering whether Microsoft is still the right solution for them.

Thus the scramble for a viable enterprise-level Microsoft Exchange alternative, which has lead to the proliferation of e-mail server software today. With Exchange on the back end and Microsoft Outlook on the client end, Microsoft has managed to capture a lucrative sixty-five percent of the enterprise messaging market.

But that may all be about to change, for all the other software out there continue to improve as they compete to be the one leading Microsoft Exchange alternative. One such top scorer in many an independent review is Kerio Connect (formerly known as Kerio MailServer), which offers a good combination of multi-platform interoperability in addition to a good end-user experience. Of course, Outlook integration is solid.

If you're sick of the unreliability, the bloat, and the incessant upgrading associated with Microsoft's products, it's high time to consider the alternatives available. In fact, a whole range of software exists that can wean you off dependence on Microsoft, from office suites and photo editors to web browsers and more. By using these alternatives, you would be joining the growing movement that seeks to support choice and innovation in the software industry alive.

Okay, okay; so you just want software that works and helps you do business, not get involved in some kind of cyber-activism. Fair enough. But consider how the present environment has hamstrung your range of options, and how that's come into being as a result of Microsoft's dominance. Isn't it time to think outside the box instead of maintaining the status quo to your own inconvenience - if not outright detriment?

Dataglide, a Kerio hosted Email Solution

Dataglide Dataglide is also another type of collaboration and messaging server that incorporates different kinds of communication features into a single product. Just like Microsoft Office 365, you can also manipulate your contacts, email, and calendar without any fuss at all. What's more, if you are running your own business you will be able to stay in contact with your team through Dataglide so you can get to discuss and work on your current project even if it means working wherever you and your team are located. Regardless of whatever device that you and your team are using to work on your project, Dataglide makes it easier for you to put together the data in a highly readable environment.

Kerio Authorized Partner One reason why Dataglide is worth considering these days is the fact that it provides advanced messaging and collaboration use on different platforms such as Entourage, Microsoft Outlook, Address Book and Apple Mail among others that are used in various devices such as Smartphone or desktop. With Dataglide you can rest easy knowing that it has secure email features so any important message is safe and secured during deliver. And if you are in need of an email backup, Dataglide will get things done faster than ever. One probable reason why you should choose Dataglide is that it offers lower cost options for Microsoft exchange users which is definitely a huge deal when it comes to business use. This is definitely a deal that shouldn't be passed up any time soon.

Whether you are planning on setting up an appointment with a client or partner or are in need of sending multiple messages by mail, there is no doubt that Dataglide can help you with your communication needs. Suitable for any type of devices whether large or small, there are plenty of reasons why you should opt for this all-in-one collaboration and messaging service there is.


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