Why Switch from Exchange to Dataglide?

Because you don't archive.

Archive email instantly with DataglideSwitch to Dataglide and solve your archiving problems. If you need to find - perhaps for legal reasons - emails from 2 months ago or 2 years ago, could you find them? With Dataglide, the answer is YES.


Because your staff uses multiple email clients.

Dataglide supports multiple email clientsWhy hire an IT expert who knows Mac, Windows and Linux platforms? Save the cost - and the headaches - by switching to Dataglide. We support IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, so using whatever email client your workers prefer is no problem.


Because Webmail is fast and easy when you're traveling.

Webmail is fast and easy from DataglideWhen you need to see new email right now, Dataglide has the solution - WEBMAIL! From any browser or any computer or mobile device, you can log into Webmail quickly, get what you need, and log out. It's fast. It can save your business life.


Look as professional as you want to grow to be.

Your branding - no ads - Dataglide Email SolutionsWith a Dataglide hosted email account, a small business can achieve the professional branding and look/feel of a major corporation. Even individual entrepreneurs can look like - and better - work like the big corporations. It's a sure growth potential for your small business.

Because you forgot to bring your calendar.

Get to your calendar from anywhere with DataglideDataglide enables you to make an appointment from anywhere you are - just log into your hosted Dataglide account from any mobile device wherever you are to check your calendar, make an appointment, check co-workers' busy schedules, invite them to the meeting and set it all up at once. No more missed, changed or duplicate appointments!

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Dataglide Advantages

Everyone works from everywhere! To be competitive, you have to be able to log on, interact, collaborate and find information quickly and securely.

Dataglide PRO plans enable you to share email, calendars, contacts and schedule meetings on any platform - Windows, Mac, Linux and SmartPhones - exactly what you need to make your business flexible and secure.

Centralize your data in one easy-to-access location via Dataglide.

Schedule a meeting using Dataglide? Easy!

Collaborate with remote offices with Dataglide? Snap!

Access your contacts from anywhere with Dataglide? Fast!

Switch to Dataglide from Exchange