What is Dataglide?

Dataglide is an advanced messaging and collaboration platform that offers all the solutions you need in one!

Kerio Authorized PartnerDataglide is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration server designed for small to medium sized organizations. Using Kerio Connect, Dataglide provides advanced email, calendaring and collaboration features across platforms supporting most popular desktop clients including Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail, Address Book and iCal, including the latest mobile devices. Dataglide includes integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, and automated backup, making it a perfect choice for any small to medium organization.

New features in Dataglide include: Distributed Domain - manage a single email domain across multiple servers in different geographic locations; Full Web-based Administration - complete remote management from a web browser; CardDAV - native synchronization support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Address Book; and New Mobile Device support - including Palm Pre, Nexus, Droid, G2, and HTC Hero.

Dataglide works with most major mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computersWorks seamlessly with most major mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets as well as your computer or laptop

Dataglide synchronizes your calendarAdd an appointment on your phone and it's added to your computer, tablet, laptop - all your devices

Dataglide for Mac, Windows or LinuxYou can choose your Mail Client for any platform, including Mac, PC and Linux

Synchronize your contacts with DataglideFind Your Contacts from Anywhere! Update a contact in one place and it's updated everywhere

Dataglide Email SyncAll SmartPhones can use PUSH technology - and that means it's faster and saves money

Dataglide protects against spam and viruses in emailNo more spam or viruses - the most modern and effective anti-spam and virus filtering included

Dataglide ensures your branding on emailEverything can be configured on YOUR domain so your branding is intact - and displayed prominently everywhere

Dataglide synchronizes easilySynchronize easily - and if you need help, Dataglide's support is easy, friendly and world-class

And best of all, Dataglide PRO utilizes Kerio Connect as a solid
integration to provide dependable 99% uptime and ease of administration.