Dataglide PRO Supports Blackberry Enterprise Server

Dataglide Pro Supports Blackberry Enterprise ServerDataglide features Blackberry Smartphone support via NotifySync, AstraSync services or native BES support via Blackberry Connector.

With this feature, your Blackberry SmartPhone is synchronized over any Internet or wireless connection, including email, contacts, calendars and tasks.


Dataglide PRO Features for Blackberry SmartPhone

  • Direct Push
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Email folders
  • Remote Wipe

Dataglide Supports Blackberry Enterprise ServerA low-cost, affordable alternative to costly Microsoft Exchange implementations, Dataglide is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration server for small to medium organizations and we now support Blackberry Smartphones and Enterprise.


Dataglide Pro Blackberry Support

Dataglide PRO supports:

  1. Blackberry Enterprise Server version 5
  2. Blackberry Enterprise Server Express
  3. All Blackberry devices supported by Blackberry Enterprise Server

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