Advantages of Dataglide for IT Administrators

Dataglide, a Kerio hosted platform is easier to administer and more flexible compared to hosted email programs. And we can prove it!

Dataglide is the leading mobile messaging and groupware choice for small to medium sized organizations. Using Kerio Connect, Dataglide supports the Exchange ActivSync protocol delivering over-the-air built-in push email, wireless groupware data synchronization, and remote wipe capabilities for most popular smartphones and smartphone operating systems including Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia E/N Series devices, and the latest WebOS and Android 2.0 based phones. Blackberry synchronization is supported with AstraSync or NotifySync for Kerio Connect.

For additional versatility, Dataglide can be deployed as a VMware or Parallels Virtual Appliance, giving small to medium sized organizations the flexibility to choose a single powerful server or a blade enclosure for increased scalability, saving on reduced energy and hardware costs over time.

Dataglide PRO advantages for IT Administrators

Easier to Administer

  • Needs fewer IT resources
  • Quick install - in minutes!
  • Administer Dataglide securely from any browser via full-featured Web Administration
  • No dependencies - Dataglide has self-contained services

More Flexible Deployment

  • Works with Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Versatile user authentication

Cost Effective

  • Five solutions in one: collaboration server, mobile email, email security, email archiving and server backup
  • Lower total cost of ownership & Dataglide is scalable!



More Than Just a Mailserver

Dataglide is FIVE Solutions
in One!

  1. Cross Platform Collaboration
  2. Calendar/Contact Sharing
  3. Superior mobile email
  4. Advanced Email Protection
  5. Email Backup & Archiving

Dataglide is FIVE solutions in one hosted email system

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