Oldies but Goodies, or Why Using iPhone Email Rocks

Apple iPhone with OS5 rocks in native mode with Kerio Connect

Dataglide Supports the iPad and iPhone Technology has advanced so much since e-mail was first being used by a small group of scientists and other academic types some forty or so years ago (yes, it's been that long!). Nowadays, it seems like everyone just "texts" -- or even "tweets." Seems like it won't be much longer before someone writes a telepathy app!

But guess what? You can still use iPhone email in the meantime. As a matter of fact, you really should. It isn't so hard to do, and unlike "texting" and "tweeting" you can actually say something meaningful! If you think about it, those other options are probably best left to the teenagers. After all, do you really want to come across to the person on the other end as being too busy to give a proper response?

Of course, "it takes all kinds" -- there is a time and place for everything. But if you're running a business, using iPhone email instead for communicating with your customers is almost certainly the only way to go. Sure you can tweet a special sale or something, but for the overwhelming vast majority of other reasons there would be for keeping in touch with a customer, you will want to e-mail them.

It's really not hard at all, and barely takes that much longer. And let's not forget one of the greatest advantages of all to using iPhone email instead of anything else: You can take your time replying! This little benefit is not to be underestimated in our harried world of 24-hour news cycles and constant contacts. To properly get a handle on anything critical, you must take your time researching the matter and carefully thinking about everything involved, thoroughly imagining all the possible implications. Well, using e-mail gives you just the time to do that -- and more!


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