Making the Move to a Hosted Email Service

The benefits of switching to Hosted Email

Making the Move to a Hosted Email Service

June 2019 - Are you in need of a hosted e-mail service for the cloud? When this is the case, you may wish to switch from exchange hosting. Here you can get your e-mail and calendar all in one place making it easy to stay on top of the important things in life. One benefit of making a switch such as this is that it is inexpensive, fast and easy to update. Bring your business into the 21st century. Make use of a hosted email and you will see how easy this is.

The benefits of switching from microsoft exchange hosting are numerous. Archiving is easy when you do so not matter if you keep e-mails for months or years. Technical support is easier also when you make use of a hosted email as many clients are supported. For those businesses whose employees frequently travel, webmail makes access easier than ever. Calendars can be accessed from anywhere and your business will look more professional as a result. You'll be amazed at what you can do when you choose to make the move to a service of this type.

Many features are offered with a hosted email service. Collaboration is easy as you have access to group calendaring and scheduling, shared contacts, folders and calendars, tasks and tasks delegation as well as public email folders. Sync to your smart phone without worrying about viruses, spam or malware and mail archiving is automatic. With an easy web interface and cross-platform support, you'll find this program very simple to use. Store as much or as little email as you need and do so without dealing with annoying ads. Think of all the ways this is much better than what you are currently using.

When it comes to a hosted email service, you will find that there are many plans to choose from. You can choose from a basic account, a pro account or a license plan. It all depends on what your business needs. Mobile devices are supported when you make this move including the iPad and support is easy to access so problems are solved quickly. Try this type of service today and see how it can help your business grow.

Written by Nicky Smith
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