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June 2019 - Small, medium and large businesses are keeping closer tabs on expenses today. Unexpected costs wreak havoc on even large budgets. Many enterprises are opting for the convenience and predictability of email hosting for business.

By using Dataglide's Connect, businesses don't need to concern themselves with periodic maintenance and management tasks. At the same time, they enjoy a hosted Microsoft Exchange type service, eliminating the cost of upfront licensing for the products and hardware upgrades.

One of the major benefits of using Dataglide Connect is its hosted email and hosted email archiving. Clients can rely on its security advantages for encrypting and digitally signing sensitive internal emails. Companies using this kind of security layering are less exposed to outside hacking and surveillance by competitors.

Hosted email archiving gives companies instant access to past correspondence filed in a logical and easy to use system of folders and synced calendars. Using Dataglide's email hosting for business means office staff and mobile personnel stay in touch and on the same page hour by hour without waiting for an on-site server's nightly updating.

Dataglide's hosted email not only saves on the cost of licensing and equipment but also plays a big role in keeping a company's message handling requirements up to date. Even better, Dataglide Connect ensures interoperability of a mobile staff's cell phones and tablet computers with the home office's computers. Moreover, personnel can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers to access their Dataglide Connect accounts. Our hosting service is compatible with Outlook for Windows and Mac, Apple Mail, Entourage, iCal and more.

Even during challenging economic times, business systems and solutions are constantly evolving. Using Dataglide's Connect hosted email provides problem-free hosting for businesses of all sizes.

Many email hosting companies operating according to their own needs, not those of their customers. In comparison, our client companies will not experience unexpected shutdowns for maintenance. We provide advance notice when we need to shut down our servers for maintenance and upgrades which is rare and is always scheduled between 2am and 3am on weekends when access is not often needed. When a maintenance is scheduled you will never loose an email communications because we queue email for delivery with backup mail replays. Even better, we schedule these periodic tasks to avoid conflict with our clients' hours of operation.

Dataglide Connect clients retain all rights to their hosted contents. There are some email hosting companies that retain the right to handle or mishandle customers' information as they see fit. We maintain your email, events and data as highly confidential and never use it to discover what your interest are, your buying habits or what merchants to direct their advertising towards. Your data is safe and secure.

Some companies even limit the number of emails allowed within a 24-hour period. We don't do that. Dataglide puts the needs of its clients' front and center on the email hosting for business stage. Comparison shopping among providers illustrates the superiority of Dataglide's Connect capabilities.

You will find Dataglide services offer:
  • Set monthly costs, with never a surprise when you possible go over soft limits
  • No licensing or upgrading concerns for clients
  • Interoperability among browsers and operating systems
  • Multi-layered security make your data safe and confidential
  • Real-time syncing of devices and computers
  • Logical and easy-to-use functionality and access
  • Convenience that you will always have US-based telephone and email support
  • Protection of proprietary content so that robots and search engines don't watch your data activity
Dataglide Connect does all of this better than the other providers out there. This is why so many companies are turning to us for their hosted email needs.

Nicky Smith, President
Email me with your feedback at: nicky.smith (at)
CAROLINANET.COM, a privately held small business in North Carolina


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