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Have an Apple iPhone?

Have an Apple iPhone? It's a great device, isn't it. But it isn't perfect, and if you're frustrated with your iPhone email, you should probably try a hosted solution such as that offered by Dataglide.

DataglideUsing the award-winning Kerio platform, this Greensboro, North Carolina technology company will replace your iPhone email woes with modern communications bliss! Small businesses in need of an easier option than the bloated offerings of the likes of Microsoft will appreciate the streamlined simplicity that doesn't sacrifice on power and versatility.

Enjoy cutting-edge security and some of the most accurate anti-spam measures on the market today. And get it from an experienced telecom with clients all over the world: Dataglide is a service of Carolinanet, a long-time provider of high-capacity low-cost server facilities for business and individuals. Forget your iPhone email troubles and say hello to a reliable and robust feature-set, including distributed domains, remote management, easy synchronization, PUSH technology, and of course advanced mobile support!

Switch and you can leave the archiving to someone else. Lower your expenses. Deploy as VMware or Parallels Appliance. Get increased scalability. Schedule appointments and synchronize across all devices. And it doesn't even matter if you need to use multiple e-mail clients. It's five solutions in one: Collaboration server, mobile email, email security, email archiving and server backup.

Kerio Authorized PartnerMake no mistake: Apple does a lot of things right. Design. User-friendly interface. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera - ad infinitum. But still, they're not perfect, and where your iPhone may be wanting is in its emailing capabilities. For those situations when "off-the-shelf" just doesn't quite cut, look beyond Cupertino for solutions that make sense for your business. Choose Kerio and let Dataglide automate your communications needs for increased productivity and lowered overhead. Find out how simple it can all be when things just work!

December 8, 2011


More Than Just a Mailserver

Dataglide is FIVE Solutions
in One!

  1. Cross Platform Collaboration
  2. Calendar/Contact Sharing
  3. Superior mobile email
  4. Advanced Email Protection
  5. Email Backup & Archiving

Dataglide is FIVE solutions in one hosted email system

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